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3M Filtrete Air Conditioning Filter

3M Filtrete and Other Suppliers of Air Filters

3M is a famous supplier company of AC filters in the U.S. With the help of electrostatic technology, the 3M Filtrete air filters remove the contaminants and the harmful particles from the air being circulated in the room. The air filters have fibers that are electrostatically charged and they attract the particles as well as contaminants present in the air. The 3M air filters are beneficial to patients suffering from asthma and different allergies. The 3M air filters are available in different sizes based on the type and size of the air conditioning system or furnace.

The Filtrete Ultra Allergen filter is known as the effective air filter for individuals living with allergies. The filter is very proficient in removing mold spores, pet dander and other particles that may trigger allergic reactions. The air filter has the ability to purify the indoor air, giving up to 90% of purity. The Filtrete Ultra Allergen air filter has a cleaning material without any antimicrobial chemicals that promote bacterial growth such as mold and mildew. This AC filter is able to eliminate the dangerous particles from indoor air such as smoke, dust, bacteria, smog and other harmful viruses. This AC filter has surpassed most of the competitors supplying air filters.

There are many other suppliers of air conditioning filters available for your air conditioning system. However, you may have to know few things before selecting the best AC filter.

Selecting The Best AC Filter

1. HEPA Filters are the best filters:

The High Efficiency Particulate Air filter is very effective against all the common pollutants of air. There are many other types of AC filters such as electrostatic, electronic, ozonisers and UV filters. However, all these types of filters are way behind the HEPA filters.

2. Select the AC filter of high capacity.

A high capacity AC filter ensures better purification of air. In addition, it will also help reduce the sound of AC filter motor.

3. Best Filters work for more than three years

The best AC filter remains in a working condition for more than three years. It is advisable to avoid purchasing AC filters of inferior quality.

4. Remember your Air Conditioning Needs

If your family does not have any member suffering from respiratory diseases, then you may select a basic HEPA filter rather than the advanced AC filters for your cleaning needs.

5. Search for special features

Many air filters or purifiers come with replacement indicators that indicate to replace the filter.

Things to Know About Air Conditioning Filters

The air conditioning system helps to prevent dust particles entering in the house, but it is crucial to maintain the quality and performance of air conditioning system. Air conditioning filters play a major part of air conditioning system, i.e. in the purification process of the air before its entrance. The AC filters are the components that regulate and clean the air before circulating in the room.

The filter’s condition determines the quality of air in the house. If the filter in the air conditioning system is dirty, then the AC system will require more electricity to clean the incoming air. Thus, the AC filters determine the lifespan of the air conditioning system. There are many diseases related to impure breathing. Therefore, it is important to select the best air conditioning filters and clean them frequently to have a healthy breath.


Many people do not know that most of the allergic diseases are caused due to pollutants in the air. Therefore, it is important to regularly upgrade and maintain the air filters in your air conditioning system. So, clean your AC filters often to have a healthy lifestyle.

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