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Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil

Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil

Selecting the right evaporator coil is imperative for achieving maximum results from your heat pump or air conditioner. The functionality of your evaporator coil is vital to the overall performance of your heat pump or air conditioning unit.

In your home or business’s central air conditioning system is a series of pipes and ductwork which work together as a team to pump the air through and distribute it evenly throughout the building. The evaporator coil is a member of this team and is responsible for pushing the cold air through the pipes and ducts which are found in your business or home. In essence, the evaporator coil takes on the heat from the building and allows the cool air to flow freely. In essence, the moderately cool (under the dew point) evaporator coil condenses water vapor from the air which has already been processed. This process is very similar to the way an icy drink forms water condensation outside of the glass or can. The evaporator coil then moves the water to a drain and removes the vapor from the cooled area, thus lowering the relative humidity in the air.

Upon inspection of the air conditioning unit, you will notice the evaporator coils are located directly next to the unit. There are generally three variants of evaporator coils: vertical evaporator coils, cased evaporator coils and uncased evaporator coils. It is of the utmost importance to carry out routine inspection, maintenance and, as necessary, to replace your evaporator coils. These coils can rust, wear down or simply age over time. Knowing the state of your evaporator coils will enable you to be pro-active with the maintenance and upkeep of them. It is possible to do basic maintenance on your evaporator unit and evaporator coils, but you must ensure that you read certified do-it-yourself manuals or magazines.

Continual and regular maintenance, and as necessary, replacement, of your evaporator coil is imperative to keeping the highest operational levels of your air conditioning unit, furnace or heat pump. It would also be recommend that you replace a worn out evaporator coil to maximize the flow of cool air in your home or business. It is also valuable to remember that should you be required to buy a new furnace or air conditioning system, cased evaporator coils are idyllic for this.

As all the components of the air conditioning system work together, it is crucial that you change your air conditioning system’s filters on a regular basis to ensure that your evaporator coil is functioning to its fullest potential. By doing so, you will save money in the long-run and also guarantee an environment free of harmful impurities for you and your loved ones.

Whether you are running a home air conditioning system or a commercial air conditioner, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your evaporator coil in peak condition to ensure maximum operational success.

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