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As indicated by its name, commercial air conditioning, also called Industrial Air Conditioning, refers to any central air conditioning system installed in a commercial building. Generally, this would include restaurants, hospitals, hotels and other locations that have more than one level, have a pre-determined amount of square footage, or has a high volume of people in and out and through the building on a given day. These types of larger buildings would require a more detailed and specialized air conditioning system. While most businesses or companies would want the most cost-efficient option, the commercial air conditioning system needs to also be of the most impeccable quality.

When a large-scale building is in its planning stages, it is suggested that the developers and building owners meet with a professional air conditioning company or air conditioning contractor to establish what the needs are and to guarantee they get the highest quality product and appropriate equipment. If the building is being bought and already has an air conditioning system in place, assessments will be required to ensure that the system meets all safety standards as set forth by the state and/or federal government. Scheduled routine inspections will ensure that any glitches in the system will be quickly recognized and dealt with.

As with all air conditioning units, whether they are residential or commercial, it is critical that the air conditioning unit or air conditioning system is regularly and routinely inspected to ensure optimal functionality. By keeping the ductwork clean of dust and debris, and replacing filters as needed as well as keeping the refrigerant in good stock, you will ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning at its best, which will in turn use less energy, thus lowering your monthly energy bill. Under normal circumstances with commercial air conditioning systems, a contractual agreement is decided upon between the company/large building owner and a professional air conditioning company or air conditioning contractor. This will ensure routine maintenance and check-ups on the equipment, which will keep the system running at its best.

Even with large-scale air commercial air conditioning units, it might be necessary to employ to the use of portable air conditioners in small or confined areas where the major central air system does not fully reach. This could be in smaller rooms where computers or electronic equipment is kept running and needs to stay cooled individually. Having a properly functioning commercial air conditioning system will ensure a safe environment, free of toxic airborne germs or bacteria, for you, your employees and your customers or your loved ones.

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