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Ducts, or air ducts, are sheets of metal, sheet metal or metal tubing that transfer cool and hot air throughout all the rooms of your home or building. The ductwork is connected throughout the entire house or building to ensure proper and even air distribution. As you can imagine, because the ductwork is the major mode of transportation for the cleaned and conditioned air in your house or building, it is crucial that you keep the ducts perfectly clean and dust-free.

Most people do not recognize the importance of cleaning the air ducts in their air conditioning system. It makes sense that, over time, dust collects inside your air ducts as it would collect on a table or other open surface. Other, more harmful substances, such as mold, can also begin growing inside the air ducts. If you, a loved one, or someone working inside your building or home, suffers from unexplained or ongoing illness or allergy-type symptoms, it would be worth the time and expense to have your air ducts and thoroughly cleaned.

Based on regular, average use of the air conditioning system in your home or building, it would be advisable to have your ductwork cleaned periodically, preferably once a year.

Cleaning of ductwork in a residential air conditioning system can usually be done by yourself. However, if you are working with a larger, industrial air conditioning system or commercial air conditioning system, hiring a professional air duct cleaning service is advisable. They will have all the necessary equipment to reach far into the depths of the piping and ductwork.

So, how do you determine if your air ducts are in need of cleaning? Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • If there is any visible mold growth in your home OR if you have had mold growth in the past that wouldn’t go away.
  • If you are aware of an insect or rodent infestation inside your air conditioning system or in the ductwork.
  • If your air conditioning system seems to be clogged or not functioning as it used to – this could be caused by a buildup of dust and debris in the filters or ductwork.

It may be worth your while to have your ductwork examined by a professional, particularly if you know that your ductwork and/or air conditioning system is and older system as it may out of date. Information is available on cutting unnecessary pieces of your ductwork and even making your own replacement parts. Updating your ductwork and/or air conditioning system could greatly enhance the performance of your entire system and provide healthier air for you to breath, while also improving the general comfort level of the air in your home or building.

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