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For your air conditioner to perform well, you need to make sure that the air filters therein are clean and match the unit. Clean air filters facilitate cleaner environment. They protect you from the allergies caused by dust. The sole purpose to own air conditioning filters is to keep each part of air conditioner free from dirt.

Air filter has reduced heating and cooling level. And, it often leads to breakdown in the compressor. It increases the consumption level of blower power. Those equipments having dirty filter last for a shorter duration.

It is necessary to clean air filters regularly. If it is for office purpose, you need to clean them once in 14 days. Likewise, while using at home, clean them once in 60 days. It is not good to allow the air filters accumulate dust first and then clean them. When dust gathers around the fiberglass, it is clearly an indication that the air filters need either cleaning or replacement.

Air Conditioner Types:

1. Furnace filter: Air cleaner furnace filter is cost-efficient. It removes cat dander, fungi and other pollutants related to pets.

2. Allergen filter: Allergen filter from 3m is 93 percent effective. It captures air-borne particles that pass through air filters. Allergen filter even removes minute particles such as household dust, smoke, bacteria and pet dander. It even removes particles, which carry odors of tobacco smoke and bacteria.

Key features of allergen filter are as below:

It is a high performance air filter. It captures allergens such as mold spores, dust and pollen. It attracts the microscopic allergens such as smog, carriers of virus, smoke and bacteria. Its airflow is better by about 15 percent. It is free from antimicrobial chemicals. It meets all quality guidelines that are laid for indoor air services. Allergen filter may last for more than three months depending on its condition. This type of air filter is most suitable for residential use. It is an electrostatic air filter, which effectively attracts both the tiny and large air-borne particles.

3. Humidifier filter: You may have this type of air filter installed in a bedroom of average size. It has the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. You need to vacuum this air filter twice each year. This filter promotes health by purifying the air against harmful impurities. It is even affordable. For people, who are prone to allergy and asthma, having this type of air filter is better deal.

4. Electrostatic air filter: As you breathe, you are at risk of inhaling many irritants and allergens such as smoke, bacteria and dust. These particles are not visible, as they are tiny and measured in microns. An electrostatic air filter works by capturing the dust particles. They remain there until you wash the filter. Such an air filter saves you many dollars, as you need not purchase disposable filters. This air filter is efficient by 90 percent. You may have this air filter installed in both offices and residence.

This air filter works better as far as it remains clean, allowing air easily to pass through it. To find out how better the filter is working, wash it in a tub and allow the water to hold. Place this water into any glass to see the particles that this filter had trapped. You may easily see the dust particles floating on the surface.

5. Aprilaire furnace filter: This filter facilitates clean air all through your home. You get it at an affordable price. It traps or attracts 98 percent air-borne dust that is visible including large particles. It captures pollen permanently and shows efficiency of about 97 percent. You need to replace the filter once in every two years, since its installation.

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